a high Hill on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, an exciting view, on the Chiusi and Trasimeno lakes,
on Cortona and the Apennine mountains, a house too large for one family, at Città della Pieve,
halfway between Rome and Florence, Siena and Perugia, John Fante and John Wayne.

Carlo e Maria’s apartment

Carlo e Maria’s apartment It is on the first floor. With a classic brick and stone staircase (private) leads to a small porch with table and chairs, here you can admire a wide panorama that stretches from the old city

Francesca e Filippo’s apartment

Francesca e Filippo’s apartment It is on the first floor. With a classic brick and stone staircase (private) leads to a terrace with a table and chairs covered by a yellow tent, from here you can admire a beautiful view

Emilia e Piero’s apartment

Emilia e Piero’s apartment It is on the ground floor. Out a very large space covered by a gazebo. One big and one small table, armchairs and chairs. All immersed in the garden and overlooking the countryside around. The place

An ancient farmhouse on the Umbrian hills

More than twenty years have gone by since Laura and I understood that our greatest desire was to go live in the country.
There was no hurry. We patiently began to look in different areas in Central Italy, such as the Tuscan Maremma. The interior was too far from our Naples, the coast too fashionable and crowded in the summer.
On the border between the Marche and Tuscany we found a beautiful house, but it was too far from any city, from the railroad, highways, our work places and our friends.
So we began to search in Umbria, in the “center of the center” of Italy. And when we got to know Citta' della Pieve, we felt at home right away.
We found a medieval town all made of bricks, where people lived a regular life, a place lively every day, not only during tourist season, close to Rome, Florence, Siena. Orvieto, Todi and Perugia, with a railroad station in Chiusi and the tollroad a few miles away.
This was a real place, where we could live all year long, bring up our children and work.

For years we searched for a house with different real estate agents, never finding a place that was fitting. One day, in September 1999, as our car followed the agent's, we caught sight of a beautiful farmhouse with a view of the lake, surrounded by fields of sunflowers, on the side of an olive-covered hill.
I said to Laura: “Why don't they ever show us something like that?”...

...in fact that's where they weere taking us!
Come see us. You will find out why it only took two days for us to decide to buy it. And why we made it the center of our lives.