The houses

The houses: only six guests.

Our suites can accommodate  six people at the same time.

We decided that this was the maximum number so that our house would not transform from a residence for a family to a barracks, as has happened to many of the country houses in Umbria and Tuscany.

We rent them for a minimum of five days because we want guests to have the time to feel them at home, to recognize their noises and smells, to develop the desire to return to find them again (as many do).

They are homes for women and men who want to enjoy their holiday in Umbria without haste: our home and we of the family will do everything possible to give them a hand.

Each house has its own independent entrance and a private outdoor area with table, chairs and armchairs. You will be free to enjoy the privacy that the space allows or to make friends: there are outdoor spaces that allow guests to dine together.

Everything was chosen as for ourselves. The floor is in terracotta handmade by our friend Fabrizio, the color of the walls is reproduced by a wall of an old house in Provence, the doors, built by Clorindo, are the same as one we found in the oldest part of the house. The furniture and objects from our home in Naples, or bought around in years of travel, in some cases built by ourselves.

We hope that our guest friends appreciate the warmth and originality We hope that our guests make ours a real home, a place where objects have stories to tell. We ask them to listen to them and to have respect for them.

We hope that our guest friends will appreciate the warmth and originality that contribute to making ours  home, a place where objects have stories to tell.  We ask them to listen  and to have respect for them.

In the houses there are no TVs: we try to be silent and we also ask the guests. We ask them to keep the volumes of radios and computers, the ringtones of mobile phones and the volume of their voices low.

Our alarm clock rings early in the morning: we will do everything to not disturb the sleep of those who come here to rest. Guests who like to get up early or stay late will do their best not to disturb others.

Each house has a kitchen area with fridge, electric stove and kettle. Of course, pots, dishes and everything else you need. If you need something in particular, ask for it: we will be happy to help

If you don’t want to cook, we can recommend a good restaurant in the area, or prepare a dinner for you according to your mood.

At guests’ disposal there will be tablecloths for indoors and outdoors, placemats for breakfast, bed linen and towels for the bathroom (one large, one medium, one small). There are no pool towels. The change of linen is at the weekend




Carlo e Maria’s apartment

Sandra e Peppe’s apartment

Piero e Emilia’s apartment