House rules

House rules

“Go around the world with confidence: they will open houses to you: but remember that each house is a kingdom and that each kingdom has its own laws”.  (Devansh Kalu, 16th century).

Guests. We don’t host people under the age of 25.Without exception. 

Silence. We all love countryside also for silence, we will do our best to avoid noise: we invite you to speak in a low voice, to use your mobile in moderation, to use headphones to listen to music or watch movies. We ask for particular silence between 11,00 pm and 8,00 am.
If you need to wake up in the morning to leave or go on a trip, please do so without disturbing ourselves and the other guests. In the silence of the night, voices and noises are transmitted through the attics and from window to window (if open).

Pool. Each apartment has its own “gazebo” in the pool area, two sun loungers and two personal cotton mattresses (washed at each change of guests). The pool is subject to specific hygiene rules. It is open from 9.00 to 19.00, exceptions are not possible. The water treatment does not include chemicals: we ask you not to get wet if you use sunscreen: they would be a serious problem for the quality of the water.

Without clothes. Those who want to stay in a swimsuit or without a shirt can do so in the pool area. We are not on a beach, in our countryside it is not customary to be half naked: we invite you to respect the habits of your hosts.

Towel and washed clothes. Please do not spread them outside your homes: they are not beautiful to look at. We have a hut where they will also be protected from birds

Shoes. Please leave them outside the door.

Lights and water. We remind you not to waste water (we have little of it) and to turn off unnecessary lights.

Floors. Our floors are antique and handmade. They are difficult to clean, please be careful.

Doors and windows. Do not leave them open: in the countryside there are many animals and the weather changes suddenly.

Smoke. Smoking is not allowed

To walk. Do not walk around without shoes and use the paths: there are dangerous snakes and sharp stones.

Garbage and recycling. At home you will find instructions for proper waste management

Final cleaning. The tourist agreement provides that guests leave their homes in a dignified and clean manner as on their arrival.
The apartment must be vacated by 10.00 to allow us to prepare it for those who will come after you.

…………… if after all these rules you haven’t escaped …… .you are ready to enjoy your holiday, thank you for choosing us. Laura and Mario