Our Spirit

Our spirit: princes and monks.

“Withdraw from the world like a monk and live comfortably like a prince”. The quote is not ours but L Mumford’s, the historian who referred to the fashion among Renaissance noblemen to leave the city for the country.

When we left Naples in 2003 to come live in Umbria, we had no idea of how much work it takes to care for a large farmhouse and 10.000 square meters (2.5 acres) of garden. Truly, there are few comforts here and… no princes.

However, we have space and silence and the beauty of our surroundings: the panorama over the lakes and the distant Appennines, the olive groves and the vineyards, the woods. These are the gifts of Nature and the work of Man who inhabits it. Step by step we restored our large house, carefully considering every choice, every object, every plant (we planted about 1000) so as not to betray the place, our past and the future we wanted

The big house was divided into four parts: one for our family, the others for friends. Over time, each has acquired the name of its most frequent occupier. It was only in 2011 that the three parts became Locanda Bandini and were opened to new guests. Since then also our long time friends make a donation when they come to stay. The monney is needed for the maintenance of the house, the land, the pool, but whoever comes to see us will always be a guest and never a client.

And people will be welcomed according to the customs of southern Italy, where we are from, with warmth and friendship but also with discretion and respect. The space is such that people meet only if they wish to do so. We are always happy to provide information and help and we will be pleased to get to know our guests if they so desire.

We never admit more than six people (three couples only): such few guests will be able to spend a romantic and private holiday, at a slow pace in a relaxed, simple environment made up of old-fashioned good manners, silence and good humor and the sharing of the food and the wine that are the gifts of this land.

Parents will bring their children if they think they will be at their ease here. Others will come see us, as often happens, when they have the chance to spend a vacation as a couple.