Our Spirit

Our spirit: princes and monks.

“Withdraw from the world like a monk and live comfortably like a prince”. The quote is not ours but of Mumford’s, the historian who referred to the fashion among Renaissance noblemen to leave the city for the country.

 In truth there are not many comforts here…………. and not even princes.

But there is space, silence and the beauty of what surrounds us.

We have restored our big house step by step, every choice, every thing, every plant (we have put about 1000) has been thought and rethought so as not to betray the place, our past and the future we wanted.

The big house was divided into four parts: one for our family, the other for friends. Over time, each took on the name of those who frequented it more assiduously. Only in 2011 they became “Locanda Bandini” and were open to new guests.

We welcome them according to the customs of Southern Italy from which we come. With warmth and friendship but also with discretion and respect.

The spaces allow each guest to be with the others only if they wish. We will always be happy to lend a hand, to listen and to tell

We never host more than six people (usually three couples without children): the few guests will have the opportunity to experience a romantic and secluded holiday, a quiet pace,  a relaxed and simple atmosphere, made up of the good manners of the past, of silence and good humor, sharing the food and wine that this land offers us.

Locanda Bandini is not a hotel.

If you are the right people for the place (and the right place for you) it will be your home: you will be amazed how  few hours are enough because i twill happen.   And when it does, it will be in large part due to yourselves.

It was built by adding one room at a time over 250 years. We are here to preserve its walls and meanings and share them with those who will come to visit us: with the silence, care and manners of the past.

Locanda Bandini is not a hotel.

It is the house where we live all year round. Where our children return with pleasure. Where our friends, old and new, come to enjoy it together.

We will be your neighbors, quiet and discreet and we will always be available to give you advice, to book a restaurant, to drink a glass of wine together, to chat and to …… lend you salt.

Locanda Bandini is not a hotel.

It is a country house that will offer you things that a hotel usually does not offer and will not give you the things you can find in a hotel: if you think you can’t do without them …