Not by bread alone

Breakfast, dinner and snacks.

Our guests will have the kitchens of their homes available to prepare breakfast by themselves.

Every morning they will find fresh bread outside their door. The bread will arrive by 9.00 am.

Upon arrival they will find coffee, tea, jam at home so they won’t have to worry about the next morning.

We cannot make promises about the fresh eggs of our hens and the vegetables in the garden: it will depend on the sun, the rain and the desire of the birds.

We often prepare a dessert, a savory pie or an aperitif: if we do it for the family we will do it for you too.

A cooking school will be active shortly, by agreeing the day before we will prepare a different complete dinner for each day of the week, or special menus.

The activities are aimed only at the guests of the house and will be activated even with a small number of participants, according to what will be established, by mutual agreement, from time to time.

All dishes will be cooked with fresh ingredients of excellent quality. Our cuisine interprets the tradition especially of Southern Italy. Many vegetables, when possible from our garden or bought from local farmers. Of course pasta, you will discover dishes that are rarely offered in restaurants, but that belong (belonged to) to the tradition of southern families: we interpret them with respect for the past and with a more delicate and current taste. Using low fat, only the oil we produce ourselves, never (almost never) the pork lard, which was the traditional condiment up to 50 years ago.

Mario grew up in a family where everyone (women and men) cooked for passion. Experimenting, arguing and trying to improve. Our cuisine respects the past but takes into account the teachings of contemporary cooks, modern cooking and preparation techniques, certainly more complex than those of home cooking. We try to do it with balance and simplicity, as eternal students.

NOTE. Unfortunately, the health safety measures due to the COVID 19 pandemic advise us to suspend activities related to cooking.  Fresh bread will arrive every morning anyway.